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With a 12" dropping imminently on Alignment Records, we catch up with French new skool drum & bass technician Joakim to talk influences, traveling and his latest release.

Your single "Tears" / "4th Floor" is out on Alignment Records on 8th October, can you tell us a little bit about the single? What are your influences when writing music?

The single is a 3 track EP, two on vinyl and one on digital exclusive, "Tears" is a tune I wrote around a year ago, I was trying to do something with some techy vibes. "4th Floor" is a tune I've made with my mate Joeh who's a dubstep/ garage/ techno producer, we have done a couple of tunes together under the name of JoJoe. The third (digital) "No One" is more like a jungle roller.

My music is influenced by what I'm listening to at that moment in time and the mood I'm in. The weather plays a big part in it as well! If its a sunny week, I will start by sampling some jazz and stuff, i'll end up doing more liquid drum & bass, and if it's a rainy day I'll start to mess around with some dark pads and basslines and go more to the deep side of things.

There is a definite techno influence within your music, how were you originally introduced to drum & bass? What have you been the defining musical landmarks in your journey so far?

My introduction to drum and bass was in Mexico City. I was working in a reggae bar there, and some mates of mine Jungle Empire, started having a weekly residence playing some good liquid and jungle. I was impressed when I started hearing stuff from Alix Perez, Zero T, Calibre, Commix, Break, dBridge... the list goes on!

You've lived all over the world, how has this shaped your own music?

Moving from place to place was definitely goodfor me in understanding and learning the music I like and at the same time, discovering myself in a new environment. I started making techno when i was living in France, then when i moved to Mexico and discovered real drum & bass, I was so fascinated by it that I left techno behind and started to produce it. One day I realised that most of my vinyl sleeves said the same; made in the U.K., so I moved to London for 4 years! Man... That was a big change! It totally shaped the way I was seeing drum & bass both before and now.

Your single on Alignment follows on from previous releases from Gerra & Stone, Overlook, Judda and Pessimist & Arma... That's quite a tidy selection of new skool artists to follow on from isn't it? How did you originally become involved in the Alignment team?

Yeh man it's just great to have a release out on Alignment after all these guys! They are all fantastic producers and I'm really happy to be following their releases. I think I got in touch with Mat (Alignment) when I started sending the JoJoe dubs to Clive (Ingredients), he put the two of us in touch and I sent all the latest tracks I had written to Alignment.

What can we expect for Joakim in the future?

Well hopefully having some more tunes out on vinyl! There are a few digital releases coming out this month (on Celsius, W10, Fokus, Lifestyle, Soulridaz and a few other ones). I'm just working harder on my music until I find the touch I really want to give to it. And obviously playing out more, meeting some new people and keeping travelling!

Joakim - "Tears" / "4th Floor" is out on Alignment Records 08.10.12. HERE