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Mantra - A Decade In The Dance


Ahead of One.Seventy on 30th April, Organic caught up with Rupture DJ and co-founder Mantra. 10 years deep, what does it take to remain a revered DJ's DJ?

Rupture celebrated its 10th birthday this year, the event has become an absolute expression of Drum & Bass, nodding to the past while striving forward unrelentingly. In that 10 year period, what has changed, developed or been reaffirmed in your own DJing?

Rupture has always been my place of safety for DJing, it's by far the place I feel most comfortable. That security allows me to test and push myself as a DJ often trying to pull off mixes that I'd be a little more hesitant to at other places. As it's our night, there's no promoter who's taken risks to book me so that additional pressure isn't there. Our crowd at Rupture are so supportive and over the years an element of trust has been established in us as DJs and that most definitely helps to boost me up when I'm not feeling so confident!

You've cut your teeth as a producer, but most markedly you've managed to make it as a DJ through exactly that... DJing. It's rare these day. Does the classic model of the selector still hold its own in a market full of producer DJs?

Not as much as it did, in other scenes a lot more DJs come through based on the art of DJing (Black Madonna, Moxie, Alexander Nut, Barley Legal to name a few). Starting Rupture with Double O means that Rupture/ Mantra/ Double O are all so intertwined and as Rupture has grown as a label and club night so have our profiles as DJs so I wouldn't say I've established myself as a DJ solely on the merits of selecting. I think when you've been DJing for a while and are heavily invested in the music it's a natural progression to want to expand. Either starting up a night, a label or making music etc. If you're a good DJ then these additional facets will all feed into each other making you have a wider appeal and reaching more people.

What have you got planned for One.Seventy?

I'm going to bring down quite a bit of vinyl - got to be done especially as we're in a record shop! Also a few new bits that I've been playing in my sets from our forthcoming Rupture LP and from artists such as Forest Drive West, John Rolodex, Outer Heaven, Sully etc. Let's see where the mood takes us.

You can see Mantra live at One.Seventy on 30/04/2017. For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE