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Marcus Intalex - Nothing To Prove


The main man from Manchester Marcus Intalex shines a little light on his latest single for Soul:r, perking up our ears and illuminating our musical palettes... Let there be light!

Marcus Intalex is the modern day Miles Davis of drum & bass. Universally acknowledged, revered and respected, the epitome of musical taste makers. Passionate and outspoken with a clear vision for the music, Marcus has carved out his own groove both within the history of the genre and as one of the figure heads of the ever evolving face of contemporary drum & bass.

Marcus' Soul:r label has a back catalogue that reads like the who's who of drum & bass over the last decade; Calibre, Klute, dBridge, S.P.Y, Lynx, Alix Perez, Instra:mental, Lenzman, ST Files and Marcus himself amongst the 50 plus releases to date. A body of work that has in part elevated Marcus into what can only be described as some of the most progressive circles within drum & bass...

With the release of Soul:r 053 "Sell Your Soul"/ The Guillotine" we thought it was about time we reconnected with the DJ, producer, label boss and proud Mancunian.

You've been pretty honest and outspoken throughout your career both vocally and also through musical statement. Tracks like "Eleventh Hour" as MIST.I.CAL with ST Files, Calibre and DRS have solidified that. Is sell your soul in the same way a homage to staying true to yourself and musical integrity?

I think so but the difference is I care less. I feel I have nothing to prove and if I want to write a particular kind of track then I feel I have earned the right to do so. Also, little do I care what people think. I Guess people choose by what they spend their money on and as I move towards the latter stages of my career im just doing it for me and my own enjoyment, because once that goes its game over i guess.

"I feel I have nothing to prove and if I want to write a particular kind of track then I feel I have earned the right to do so."

You've used a audacious Tears For Fears sample in "Sell Your Soul", something of a nostalgic memory jog for the older junglists and a likely introduction for the current generation of club goers. What was the motivation behind using the sample?

It's a message to someone who doesn't listen very well...

While maintaining your signature pad and synth work, there is a clear nod to the days of drum & bass past in "Sell Your Soul". Maybe presumptuously we hear influences from Dillinja and Lemon D both in the break and in the bass. Drum & bass is a magpie genre in that it takes influence from a wide and varied musical palette, but how important is it that as a genre we celebrate our greatest moments be it through new music or otherwise?

Its a blatant nod to the pre 2000 sound of Dillinja. He was for me, the best maker of this music. I love to death his older stuff. I want that sound back. And if nobody is gonna do it then I guess i'll have a go myself. Now I know my limitations in the studio and i could never get stuff to sound like him but i just wanted to have a go. I was happy with the outcome . it seems to work in the club so what the hell lets get it out...

"The Guillotine" offers up straight up screwface dancefloor vibes, with a kick, click 2 step beat and diving drone bass. It offers a clean roller against "Sell Your Soul" on the A side. In todays records market how important is track listing a 12" juxtaposed against the track for track mentality behind digital sales?

Its nothing new from my ends... I've been trying to do that since day one. I dont understand people who jump on the popular sound and put out two identical tracks on one 12". It just seems alien to me. A strong 12" for me is a double A side with variety, that can appeal to at least two different sub genres and the entire genre as a whole.

Some time ago, dBridge stated that in an ideal world he would like to see Dillinja and Krust write 12"s for Exit. In an ideal world, who would you like to write music for Soul:r as their prime selves?

My first pick would always be Dillinja. Nobody ever came close when he was at his best. A killer PFM track on the flip and there's your perfect juxtaposed 12"!

"Sell Your Soul"/ "The Guillotine" is out on Soul:r 23.04.12