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Mindscape - Martian Chronicles


"Martian Chronicles" is the new album from Budapest's premier dark drum & bass provocateur Mindscape. We talk to the man himself about his second studio album.

At Organic we could sometimes be accused of leaning more towards the less dancefloor or maybe more ambient side of drum & bass. But when we hear something so lovingly crafted as "Martian Chronicles" we can be easily coerced towards the dark side. Mindscape's "Martian Chronicles" is a technically profound ode to sci-fi themed club smashing drum & bass.

A consistent contributor to the traditionally techstep sound, Mindscape is held by many on a level plane with the likes of Noisia, Audio, and fellow Commercial Suicide stable mates like Klute and Nymfo. While tracks like "Gene Lab" and "Mechanical Man" build on Mindscape's best known sound, it is other offerings such as "Dust Devil" and "THrough And Beyond" that show the true versatility of the artist.

Let's meet Mindscape.

First of all Mindscape has gone from being a trio to a solo artist. Can you tell us a little bit about this? What were the motivations behind going solo?

It's not a recent story really, as I made the first Mindscape album "Black Lotus" alone as well, because the guys, Andor and SKC were too busy with their own projects. I love to work alone and do what I want to do without compromises. If I feel uninspired on a track, then I can always find some bad ass collaborators amongst my friends.

Although now a solo artist, your new album "Martian Chronicles" is laced with collaboration work including other technical drum & bass stalwarts like Audio, Chris SU, SKC, MC Coppa and Stapleton. So is it fair to say you still enjoy working with other parties?

Yeah I always love to work on collaborations together with different people with different techniques and views. It was fun to work with Audio on the track "Truth Hurts", we made it in an afternoon and a night basically, i felt like we were never running out of ideas.

"Well I think if it sounds good technically that means it's creative already."

To work with Chris SU or SKC is a bit more common to me as they are living here in Budapest and we've made some tracks together in the past too. I always love to work with those guys though. When I sent some beats to Mc Coppa he wrote his brilliant lyrics the next day, I loved them straight away so he re-recorded and I put them in the tune properly.

This is your second time around the album circuit for Commercial Suicide and third time as Mindscape as such. What have you done on "Martian Chronicles" that is a direct reaction to your first album for Klute "Bounce LP"? What fault do you see with the original album that you have corrected, improved or changed the second time round?

Bounce LP is more like a collection of my previously released tunes on Commercial Suicide, with two brand new tracks, "Bounce" and "Dreamworld", so it's more like a bunch of tracks together. Only these two new tracks came out in a physical format, as the other tracks were released already.
With "Martian Chronicles" I tried to build the whole album around a classic science fiction vibe, like a book or a movie. So I made the whole thing consistently and from the scratch. Fortunatelly I had the the chance to make the cover art as well, so it's a whole audio-visual project.

Like any other area of drum & bass, the more techstep/ neuro/ rolling side of the music can be a bit of a busy place at times. In the past Klute has conceded that there is alot of music that although technically sound, often it lacks creativity or individualism. Commercial Suicide being an exception to this unfortunate phenomenon, how do you see the wider expanses of the sound as a whole?

Well I think if it sounds good technically that means it's creative already. Sound is an important part of every electronic music and it's a creative process to make a good sounding tune. Every producer is trying to make his music sound technical and creative at the same time, and it's a very subjective thinking to judge this, it's a matter of personal taste.

You've had some amazing DJ support for the album from both those that you may expect like Klute, Ed Rush and Audio, but also from those much closer to the main stream of drum & bass like Friction, Hype and Andy C. How have you found the reaction to "Martian Chronicles"? Both from the music industry and the fan?

"I love to work alone and do what I want to do without compromises."

Although it's not released yet I'm already receiving very good responses both from DJs and fans on social networking sites. I also tested the tunes on big systems myself and I can tell you they're going off pretty well. I've got one negative response so far, Klute said he hates all the tracks!

What are your favorite tracks from "Martian Chronicles" and why?

It's not an easy task to choose from the tracks, as I made them they are my child. At parties I play every track depending on the vibe, but obviously those that are my favourites are the ones that came out on the album sampler and will be released on vinyl.

Mindscape - "Martian Chronicles" LP is out 10/12/12 on 12" Vinyl and Digital.