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Need For Mirrors


Having just dropped the latest Organic guest mix on the same week as the release of his latest single "Totem" alongside DLR, Nymfo and HLZ, we catch up with Need For Mirrors to talk music and London clubbing.

Your new single "Totem" has been doing the rounds recently and features yourself alongside DLR, HLZ and Nymfo. That seems like alot of people to get on one track? How does the whole dynamic work? Do people work on different elements? Do parts get handed around? Let us in on the process...

The track started off as a collaboration between Nymfo & DLR, then myself and HLZ got involved and the track changed shape. We all passed the project around and over time the drums and bass line were reworked and key elements where changed. With a collaboration like "Totem" which has so many artists input you have to look at the bigger picture and direction of the song. A lot of ideas surface but don't stick with the original concept or make a difference to the final arrangement. An example is that "Totem" went from being 7 or 8 minute long track to the final cut being 5 minutes in length and sounding very potent and concise.

The new single has found it's home on Ant TC1's Dispatch Recordings which by all accounts has become a real mainstay within what would be considered respectable drum & bass. Do you write music with labels in mind or does it find a home later... For example do you write a tune with the intention of it ending up on Zoltar, or do you write and decide later, maybe this is a V Recordings or Dispatch tune?

Rarely when I write something specifically for a label does the label ever sign it. It always ends up shelved. And often what i personally like about my own music isn't what a label gravitates towards. And it's the tunes i dont think are running which normally get released. I think any good label intuitively signs material because of there connection with the track when they hear it. Dispatch is one of those labels, its not about fads or sales it's just about the music. If Ant (TC1) hears something that connects with him he's signing it.

You have a new monthly event venture, Soul In Motion at London's Basement, below the Edition Hotel. Can you tell us a bit more? What can we expect?

Soul In Motion fills the void in weekly London clubbing. Me and Bailey both missed the Movement and Swerve mid week nights in Soho and also the dynamic of a club night starting early and finishing early like the Bluenote sunday sessions. When the opportunity presented itself to start up a night at this amazing new venue, we knew it was time to set things into motion. We want to create a environment where a community can build and a new fan base can appreciate the tracks outside of the weekend and where i can break my new tunes in and test new material on the regular.

What else can we expect from Need For Mirrors over the next few months?

As far as a releases "Totem" is out this now on Dispatch and I have a Spearhead Records single out this week. There is also a remix of Jakwob "Somebody new" that myself and HLZ did with Shy FX for Digital Soundboy which drops on april 6th and the Need For Mirrors - "Blow Fish EP" on Zoltar dropping on april 12th, also Need For Mirrors "Bredren EP" on Philly Blunt dropping at the end of the month. Outside of that just busy DJing and rolling out the tracks, the next few months will be hectic.

DLR, Nymfo, Need For Mirrors & HLZ - "Totem" is out now on Dispatch Recordings.