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Nymfo - Characters


With Nymfo's "Characters" LP about to drop, we catch up with the dutch dynamo himself to find out more and give one of you guys a free vinyl copy of the album.

The last time we spoke to you was just before the release of your Double Dutch EP, and you were getting started on your album back then, so the album has been a long time coming. How has the journey been?

In the beginning it was a wicked journey and thought I would finish it very quick. But halfway I entered a hard and emotional era where I was struggling a lot. Chatting with other people who released albums before was a good lesson for me and my friends helped me a lot. And it’s really difficult for me to say because I don’t want to give him that many credits, but Klute is a wicked label boss!

The album is appropriately titled "Characters". Across the album from smooth grooves like "Brain Stimulation", lower tempo pieces like "Stickmatch" and "Bored Pirate", and straight up dance floor killers like "Boshoven" and "Battle Fish", we see the breadth of Nymfo as an artist. The artist album historically has allowed musicians the opportunity to explore and present the diversity of their work. How did this tradition fit into the original concept of "Characters"?

I want to show the people my diversity of love for music, but also my own diverse studio skills. Music I listen to at home, in the car or when I’m travelling always depends on the mood you are having. With ‘Characters’ I’m showing the people the different vibes I can have and like.

"It’s really difficult for me to say because I don’t want to give him that many credits, but Klute is a wicked label boss!"

You've introduced interlude tracks into the album by way of "Dream Path 1" and "Dream Path 2", a trend that has been returning to drum & bass over the last few years, a fond memory of the late 90's. In todays drum & bass scene, it could be argued that there is more room for experimentation, but at the same time it is the dance floor where tracks are either made or broken. Putting together the final track listing, how do you hope "Characters" is perceived as a body of work?

Putting the tracklist together was one of the hardest part for me. One thing I learned is ‘deleting’ music. I wrote way more tracks, but I think I have the perfect balance now on the final tracklist. Of course I made a few typical Nymfo rollers for the album, but I was more happy and excited to write more experimental stuff. Lots of friends listened to the album and gave all the same feedback ; they didn’t get bored and checked the album from the beginning 'til the end. And if even my brother is saying it who doesn’t like drum & bass at all but is a metal freak, I think I did a great job!

The album opens with your track "Brain Stimulation". Following on from your singles and EP on Commercial Suicide, "Brain Stimulation" is maybe a contrast to what listeners maybe initially expecting. As an artist, how conscious are you about getting pigeon holed for having a characteristic style?

Having your own characteristic style takes long and you have to experiment a lot with it. Every artist has other artists who are giving a lot of inspiration. I think that’s good, but you have to be creative with it. It took me years to have my own style and I think I found it. But still, it’s good to change that and keep your ears open!

The artwork fits the title of the album perfectly, painting yourself as some kind of musical schizophrenic (We mean that in the nicest way possible!). Given that some of the expressions are pretty extreme, is the cover work an accurate representation of you as a person? Or more a metephor for the emotions a musician goes through?

It’s a very personal sleeve! My good friend Gijs Kast is an expert in drawing expressions on faces. So we did a photo shoot and he made pictures of all my facial expressions. I think it’s good to take it on a personal level when you are writing an album. The whole picture fits perfectly together!

"Having your own characteristic style takes long and you have to experiment a lot with it. Every artist has other artists who are giving a lot of inspiration."

You're a highly regarded DJ in your own right, how has the album been recieved on the dance floor?

Yes, I’m getting amazing feedback and also radio love from radio 1, 1Xtra, Rinse FM and even dutch fm radio! I can play different sets, depends on the party. And the for every type of set, there will be something from the album what fits in. I tried to double drop my soundscapes, but that’s a mission impossible!


Are you happy with the final album, was the finished product close to how you originally thought it would turn out?

I had something like this in my crazy Dutch mind, so I’m super happy with the album. Of course lots of stuff changed while writing the album and every day you learn new tricks in the studio. It’s also a perfect for me because it’s a wicked piece of music for where I am right now in the scene and in my life! Think that’s a nice deep and almost emotional end of an interview!

Nymfo - "Characters" is out very shortly, but we are lucky enough to be able to give one vinyl copy away! Simply click HERE and enter your email address to be entered and we'll pick a lucky winner out of the hat...

Nymfo - "Characters" - Track Listing

1. Brain Stimulation
2. Under Fire
3. Boshoven
4. Dream Path 1
5. Bored Pirate (W/ Presk)
6. Stamppot
7. Zone Defense (W/ Cern)
8. Dream Path 2
9. Stickmatch
10. Bipolar (W/ MC Fava)
11. Doldrums
12. Battlefish (W/ Black Sun Empire)
13. The Relief

Out 4.6.12