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Nymfo - Double Dutch


With a brand new 4 tracker about to drop on Klute's Commercial Suicide imprint, dutch drum & bass poster boy Nymfo touches base with Organic to fill us in on all the latest as well as his lethal "Double Dutch" EP. Gaan met die banaan!

Double Dutch is your second release on Commercial Suicide and stays true to both your own and the labels reputation for hard uncompromising rollers. Was the EP made with Commercial Suicide in mind? Can you talk us through the EP?

Tom (Klute) mentioned once he was interested in a Nymfo EP for his label. That made me very excited, so I worked hard in the studio for a while and made the man (and myself) happy. My idea was to produce 4 strong Nymfo rollers (including 1 collab with Chris SU), because it’s the style of drum and bass I play in my sets. "Double Dutch" is a nice follow up for "Matchstick" and it was the biggest mission to finish it. I was struggling with the mixdown for a long time. Chris was visiting Amsterdam, so that was a good excuse to combine our studio skills. We finished that tune very quick and it fits perfectly on the EP. "Resolve" is a typical Nymfo bassline roller and the feedback on that tune is amazing. With "Gamma Ray" I tried to create an old Ed Rush and Optical vibe!

You are going to be performing back to back with Klute at the ''10 years of commercial Suicide'' event at Cable, London on 9th July. That has got to be a huge honour? You were voted best Dutch drum & bass DJ in 2005, how have you developed in that time as a performer both stylistically and technicality?

When I payed Klute a lot of money, he finally put me on the line up of that amazing night haha! I’m looking forward to it a lot! I’m dj’ing already for a long time (12 years), so I have a lot of experience on stage and i've played for all kind of crowds. The most important thing I learned in all those years is to ‘entertain’ the crowd and feel what the crowd wants. I like a little bit of everything drum and bass wise, so my record / cd collection is very diverse.

You were one of the key members of the now legendary event Red Zone in Eindhoven, Holland. What has Red Zone's legacy been regarding the Dutch drum and bass scene, yourself as an artist and yourself as a person? It is from Red Zone that artist's like yourself and Martyn have come and gone onto be successful international acts, is there something in the water in Eindhoven?

People in and outside Holland still talk about Red Zone. It was a high quality bi monthly night for 10 years and I learned a lot in that period : DJ wise, but also about sound systems, lights in the club, artist handling. Just everything where u have to think about when promoting a night. We worked very hard for every night and all the artist we booked always went home with a big smile on their face. Don’t know about the Eindhoven water, think it’s more about the local beer!

You recently signed as an artist to ESP International, the booking agent of choice for the likes of Marcus Intalex, Klute, dBridge, Calibre and more. To many, signing with such an exclusive agency with such a prestigious artist roster is a sign that as a drum and bass performer and artist you have well and truly arrived. How has signing to ESP effected your bookings and also your public profile?

It’s very good for my profile to be on the ESP roster. I’m very happy with it, because I know they work professionally, securely and are very friendly people. They have organized a lot of gigs for me already and have great plans for the future. The release of this EP will be good for my bookings as well and it’s great that Klute for example is on the roster as well, So ESP can organize label nights.

What's coming up over the next few months for Nymfo?

I’ve signed something to Metalheadz which will get a release pretty soon. Besides that I’ve got a 12" for Dispatch Recordings and I’m going to work on an album for Commercial Suicide! And a lot of dj’ing including a tour in New Zealand again.

Nymfo - Double Dutch -suicide057 by Commercial Suicide

Nymfo & Chris Su - In Our Mind - suicide057 by Commercial Suicide

Nymfo - Resolve - suicide057 by Commercial Suicide

Nymfo - Gamma Ray - suicide057 by Commercial Suicide