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Talking Sense


Ahead of Detuned Transmissions on the 29th of May, we were able to talk to Synth Sense in the build up to their performance.

How do you translate what you do into performance, be it within the framework of "the DJ" or otherwise?

First and foremost we are and have always been DJs. We both started out by playing records and mixing way back in the mid to late 90s, both sharing a passion for the art of mixing and even turntablism. Collecting records, recording mix-tapes and playing at some local events was a way of life for us back then. It wasn't long after this that we both decided to get into music production and build a small studio. Studio life very quickly became our main focus as we continued to spend most of our time learning our craft & perfecting our studio skill set. As far as incorporating all of this into a live setting, we would call on our knowledge of both, production and arrangement along with our DJ skills to structure a performance that tells a story through the music we have at hand.

We know you have been working on new music ahead of the show, is there anything you can divulge at this point?

Ever since this night has been made public its slowly turned into a bit of a friendly clash between us and DAAT. This is great news for anyone attending on the 29th as we feel the competitive nature of the night has forced both us and DAAT to step things up in the studio and bring out the big guns so to speak. We do have some work made just for this gig along with some fresh, new unheard music. The intro itself has been produced just for this night and it wont be heard anywhere else. There is a theme to the intro combined with the visuals of a curtain film playing in the background. All will be made clear on the night.

You are playing at Detuned Transmissions on 29th May in London, what can people expect from Synth Sense?

All out audio warfare.

Find out more about the event HERE