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Ahead of Sub:side Presents Horizons Music on 21st October, we caught up with Bass Tikal, one third of German production trio Triad. Studio dynamics, collaboration and cross genre remixes... What you saying Triad?

Working as a trio must give you lots of options in regards to sharing the work load and the collaborative process behind making music, How does Triad typically work when making music? Do you have defined roles? Or is there a more open approach?

Triad has been started as a project to mainly explore new musical directions and we don't care about dancefloor capability too much. the way we are working isn't set at all. Triad are mainly just Henree and me (Bass Tikal). my brother Florian just joins the project from time to time. Our roles are changing from track to track and thats really important for us to keep it all interesting and fresh. we don't do music for a living so its the most important thing for us to have fun in the studio. sometimes Henree may come up with a track idea and i'm doing additional production work and the arrangement. sometimes it's the other way around. this way of working helps us to have a constant development in our music. And working as a group where everyone can do any process in the production chain is a very helpful thing as you constantly influence and motivate each other even in times when someone isn't highly inspired.

Last year you caused a bit of a stir with your 170 bpm remix of Omar's "Lay It Down", it must have been a real buzz remixing such a big artist? How did the remix come about?

i was doing PR and marketing for Mousse T.'s label Peppermint Jam Records at the time. as Omar released his last album on Peppermint Jam they were looking for club remixes to promote the album. the main remixes came from Henrik Schwarz ("Feeling You") and some other house producers. Mousse asked us to do two more remixes to complete the package so we did one D&B mix ("Lay It Down") and a deep house remix ("Stylin"). Not only that it was Omar on those two tracks, they also featured the gifted guest singers Estelle and Angie Stone. So it was a real challenge for us to combine those with our idea of sound design and club music. It worked out really well and they put the house remix on the flip side of the Henrik Schwarz' Remix, which turned out to be one of the biggest Club tracks in 2010. The D&B remix of "Lay It Down" came out on Phunkfiction Recordings and received a great feedback from the scene especially because it was'nt too common to have female rap vocals (Estelle) on a deep d&b track. Omar also liked the remixes a lot. All in all it was a very important step for us to put Triad on the map and at the same time show that we're not only doing d&b.

Germany has been home to many solid drum & bass artists over the years from natives Martsman, Kabuki and Phace & Misanthrop to settlers like A Guy Called Gerald. How has Germany's electronic music heritage helped in shaping your own sound?

i wouldnt say that only german artists have helped us to find our sound. the ones you mentioned are all great artists which have developed their very own trademark sound. Germany has got a long history in electronic music and bands like Kraftwerk have been influencing us a lot. but there's so much other great music from all over the world which you can hear in our music. so it's a bit of everything that inspires us (Detroit Techno, Electro, Movie Soundtracks etc). But if people mention us in such a list of artists, we won't deny to be part of the German Electronic Music culture.

The 21st October will be your UK debut as Triad at Sub:side Presents Horizons Music, what are you expecting? And what can London expect from Triad? What does a Triad DJ set entail?

Actually our first two UK gigs happened a year ago in London (Nu Directions at Café1001 and Genre at Wax Jambu). Both were great nights and it was amazing to see some other UK artists turning up to see us playing (like Rockwell, A.I., Lomax etc). We don't really know what to expect from the Sub:side/Horizons night but we've only heard good things so far. so we're looking forward to play that one. London can expect to hear a couple of new Triad bits amongst other music that fits to the club and to the night. we're not an act that tries to only push our own tracks without having a look at the reactions from the dancefloor. if we feel that people are ready for some deep experimental sound, we will play that of course. but we can also play a bit more rolling and heavy if people need it. At the end of the day a good DJ for us is someone who adapts the floor reactions and brings them together with his own idea of sound.

Sub:side presents… Horizons Music

Friday 21st October 2011 9pm-3:30am

Plan B (Basement) Brixton, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9


Naibu (90 mins) (Horizons)
June Miller (Horizons)
Triad (Horizons)
Data (Horizons)
Alexander & Suspect (Organic)
Loftie & In:Vision (Sub:side)

Hosted by: Code:breaker, Fokus, Deefa

£4 advance available HERE
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