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We talk to Kmag about the our next event... Check it!


Organic has been running in London since the beginning of 2009, originally starting as a midweek session and now at the weekends, promoters Alexander Foy and David Hannon tell us about their night...

Where and when do your events take place?

Our next event is at East London's infamous Gramaphone on Saturday 25th September. The club is absolutely fantastic, it has a really friendly intimate vibe and a stinkin' Funktion-One sound system. It's one of those clubs that just has a lot of vibe and character. It's perfect for drum & bass. For this event we have DJs Jubei, Sabre, Ulterior Motive, FD, Genotype and Sam KDC.

Who are the residents?

Our residents are FD and Sam KDC. Both have been absolutely killing it on the production front over the last 12 months. FD has recently had singles on Kasra's Critical Music and Total Science's CIA Deep Kut label, with loads of stuff coming up including a collaboration with Ulterior Motive on Metalheadz.

Meanwhile Sam KDC has had releases on Doc Scott's 31 Records and DSM. We are really happy to have them on board, It's really inspiring to have them with us. We also have resident hosts Blackeye MC and Goldenchild. We love these guys, both of them are so professional. They compliment the music, interweave and lace themselves between the beats. Both of them have really unique style.

What's the night all about?

We've always tried to represent what we considered to be real cutting edge drum & bass. The spectrum or range of sounds that we represent is quite far reaching, from the really hard stuff, through to the deep and experimental, and the smoother style as well. If you look at any of our events you'll see that we put together really consistent lineups with no dead weight. All killer, no filler.

How would you describe your crowd?

When we first started Organic, one of our base principles was that we wanted what we do to be open to everybody. We've always felt that drum & bass can be overly insular and sometimes intimidating for newcomers to the music. We've always wanted to cultivate a fresh crowd while keeping the headstrong drum & bass fans close. I think in East London, you're always going to attract a young student crowd, this is great. Gramaphone always seems to attract a very open minded audience and this really suits what we do at Organic.

Best memories from a night?

There has been a lot of great things that have happened. It's hard to pick out anything in particular. Everyone we've had performing has really held it down. And it's not just the night itself, it's everything running up to it during promotion, getting feedback on what people think about the line up  and having the artists on board with our vision has been really important to us too. I think now is a special time for the music.

Who's played the best set in the last six months?

Everyone we've had has absolutely smashed it, but if I was to say our favorites on a personal level; Fracture & Neptune were wicked, Instra:mental and FD always hurts the set. Also Renegade Hardware's Cold Fusion was excellent in April, he just plays such inspiring new music.

What are your plans for the future?

Right now, we are kind of in the next phase of the greater Organic project. We've launched our new site and have lots of interviews and video features on the site and coming up, So that's really exciting. We've got some big stuff coming up over the next 12 months event wise as well, but that's all under wraps for the moment. We've got ambitious plans for Organic and have had since its inception, we've kept our eye on the bigger picture and kept what we are doing relevant.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about?

We really want to shout about the new site at the moment. We've recently launched it and we've had overwhelming positive response which makes us really happy. There are so many video features and interviews coming up it's unreal. So a massive big-up to everyone who's been getting behind what we are doing and also those that have contributed.

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