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WeSC x Urban Industry x Indigo

indigo djing

We catch up with we-activist Indigo to talk about his latest mix CD for the WeSC x Urban Industry series. Strong words and some free ish to be won...

Your mix is the second in the WeSC / Urban Industry Series, following Synkro's mix you've opted to keep the family vibe going with the track listing being made up largely by your Mindset label cohorts and peers. Can you take us through your strategy towards putting the mix together?

I wanted to showcase that phase of experimentation we were all going through at the time... It's from 130-140 bpm. Could have thrown a bit of 85/170 or other tempos in there but it just didn't seem right at the time. this worked better.

These are people I regard very highly and have a lot of respect for musically. They all have, or are having a release on Mindset.

Your commitment to Manchester and more northerly based artists is clear through the signings to your own Mindset imprint, this is further solidified by the selection for the CD. In an age where the internet has removed the barriers of distance, why is it important to you to retain a localized collective movement?

I haven't necessarily got a massive commitment to Manchester, i love the place. i lived there for years and now i just live near there, so its my closest city. Artists from the label come from all over the place, but a majority of us live in the north of England. There is no movement really, just what we are doing.. It feels natural amongst all the stuff that's out there at the moment and we are holding down our own place, it's a learning curve which will evolve and a fun process!

"There's too much to mention that will never get props in the media, and we like it that way."

WeSC crosses over the spectrum of street culture... From skate, to art, to bass music. What does the brand represent to you?

The brand represents individuality, support for people doing there own thing with no barriers to the creative process. I respect Pete who represents us at WeSC to the highest level, as he has given us the opportunity to reach a lot of people who may never have come across our sound or our affiliations without this opportunity.

What's hot in Manchester right now?

The word 'hot' could only be used in London because its a word that's outdated. If anything was hot, it would be put out straight away with all the rain we have. we use the polar opposite to describe something that's good... Manchester is cold. that sums it up perfectly, which ever way you want to look at it. There's too much to mention that will never get props in the media, and we like it that way. Put it this way, London ain't going to be the centre of the world for much longer. It's eating itself from the inside out, where as Manchester is a thriving unpretentious and inspirational place full of wonderful, conscious and creative individuals. I feel blessed to be part of it, and i've tried my hardest to push what i believe in, without recognition for years.

So, to answer your question, everything that comes from here.

We are giving away a pair of WeSC headphones with this feature, what is the first thing the winner should listen to with them (after the CD of course!)?


We've got a few copies of the CD and some WeSC Oboe headphones to give away. Simply click HERE and enter your email address to be entered and we'll pick a lucky winner out of the hat...


Indigo Wesc Mix 2012 Track Listing

1. Akkord - Nexus
2. Stickman - If You Stay
3 .Until Silence - Stolen Hours
4. Akkord - The Deluge
5. Reflec - Callow
6. Indigo - Aradia
7. Akkord - Renewal
8. Stickman - The Verge
9. Until Silence - The Affair
10. DjRum - The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (Undercoat Pt2)
11. Stickman - The Klixx (Indigo Remix)
12. Synkro - Smokestack
13. Akkord - Back & Forth
14 - Troy Gunner - Fools Gold
15 - Indigo - Wake
16. DjRum - Watermark
17. Eleven8 - Scythe
18. Biome - Black Widow
19. Indigo - Neveah
20. Versa - Shadow Movement
21. Synkro - I Miss You

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