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On Friday 3rd March, Orbital embarks on its second voyage into deep 170 at Bristol's Take 5 Cafe. Headed by promoters Fabian MacRae and Chakal, the fledgling event adds to the city's vibrant underground music scene.

Bristol's stake in genre defining UK music is undeniable. From Massive Attack and Portis Head, to Full Cycle and UVB-76, the city's contribution is profound. But what creates the fertile base from which this music can thrive? It is surely the rich music and art scene that the city supports? It's this cultural soil that is fundamental to development. The city's history of free parties, sound system culture and progressive attitude towards art and expression sets it apart from the rest of the UK making it the perfect home to Orbital. Chakal has his own take - "Bristol is just such a creative hub, there are so many outlets for music and art to the point where you're actually spoilt for choice. Bristol has been an innovative hub over the years through its roots in sound system culture. Although many of the UK underground movements have been most prominent in London, artists like Rob Smith, Krust, Die, Flynn and Flora were a large part of evolving a more concentrated scene down in Bristol. More recently the Livity Sound guys have been innovating down in Bristol in addition to Om Unit and his imprint Cosmic Bridge which has been a massive influence."

Recruiting fellow Bristolians Crypticz and Eusebeia, Orbital meanders through the 160-170 BPM range pulling in elements of Drum & Bass, Techno and Dub, finding a through line, a common denominator that connects its multiple parts. Crypticz truly announced his arrival in 2016 with his 'Echo Sound' EP on Doc Scott's 31 Records. Tracks like 'Echo Sound' and 'Rhymes' have perpetuated his name forward as an operator of note. Similarly Eusebeia also affirmed his reputation in 2016 with his own 'Only Concerned With The Truth' EP on Loxy's CX Digital imprint. Between Crypticz and Eusebeia there are several commonalities in sound, shared dynamics and clear joint roots. However there is also a clear static gap stylistically. Again, Chakal has his own perspective - "The deeper side of 170 is sonically interesting and it doesn't always necessarily adhere to the generic Drum & Bass structure. The production is cutting edge and conveys a well thought out approach to creating extremely emotive and introspective music".

Orbital takes place on Friday 3rd March at Take 5 Cafe Bristol.

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