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Samurai Music Album Launch Party : Review

Scene Focus
cable crowd

Our eyes and ears Nydus ventures once more into club land on another musical adventure. This time he headed down to London's Cable club for Samurai Music's "Code Of Honour" album launch party... 

As we moved into the dreaded interlull of international football (yes, I said it), many of us didn’t have the unenviable task of waking up in time for a mid-day kick-off after going full on at it the previous night. So you could say Samurai at Cable, London was primed and perfectly timed to suit everyone’s (my) needs. New Zealand based, Samurai Music continue to successfully impose themselves on the drum & bass circuit as they cement their fifth year of contributing solid music over a difficult genre to crack.

Cable has been referred to as a ‘mini Fabric’ for a while now by regular club goers, but it certainly holds its own in establishing itself as one of the top underground clubs in London. Samurai took over room 2 (Planet V took room 1), a good-sized room that wasn’t invectively rammed, giving you the opportunity to dance freely. Having less of a commercial stamp on the underground scene to other clubs, Cable generally attracts ‘in-the-knows’, which is pleasing; as I believe this aided to the vibe and accentuated the community feel for the evening. I applaud Cable for a minor yet overlooked additive, and that is clear signs defining room 1, room 2, smoking area, etc... It’s just useful. Egocentrics were not to be seen; in fact everyone I spoke to was a genuine fan of this music and came across as really friendly. The sound system in room 2 was good, overall, however did distort on infrequent occasions and although the lighting was non-extravagant, it did suffice throughout the duration of the event.

DJ Presha - the brains and boss behind Samurai, opened the evening and set a serious tone for Room 2. He showcased much of the album and demonstrated his experience as he maintained control by tactically turning up the heat till we hit midnight. Up next we had Break, the floor filler who enlisted upon a real party vibe. We were treated to a host of ever modulating, neuro-like bass lines, tight – in your face drums and the odd funky roller for good measure. He was able to draw reactions from a keen crowd, always wanting to know the title of the next dub and had Riya dancing along too, brilliant!

Every time I see Marcus Intalex I want him to play longer, the Soul:R honcho comes replete with soul, futuristic sounds and euphoric melodies, yet still manages to switch things up by implementing intriguing vocal tracks to his arsenal. His eclectic selection was serious business and by this point room 2 was thriving. My favourite set of the evening came from Loxy, his endeavour to completely shift the mood and feel for the evening came with a naturalistic touch. Dark atmospherics dispersed all over room 2, a punchy kick drum led the music, accompanied by syncopated full body sustained sub bass. The ragga influences shone through Loxy’s set and experimental patterns were also apparent. I’m actually typing this review on a beach in Jamaica, it’s just hit dusk. I can see the apartment lights in a far distance, this almost epitomises the vibe I felt during Loxy’s set.

Klute embarked upon a crunchy, techy and energetic set that manifested the necessary ingredients in keeping everyone moving. I thought the set times were very well thought through, we were accustomed to move from one corner of drum & bass to another, whilst still maintaining a very high standard in each segment. Klute’s mixing was on point and psychologically quite interesting, he read the crowd well and was able to distribute the energy of the music in a balanced manner - knowing when to turn up the heat and when to back off. Skeptical ended the night which was a perfect way to close. The precision of his primed, clean-cut beats really smashed through on the system. He brought the pace right down, by predominately showcasing why he is the one of the leaders in the half time, tribal-like steppers niche.

So that was the night and I fully anticipate the next one! You can check out the Samurai LP HERE. which we at Organic fully recommend.

Words by Nydus.