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Scene Focus: REDUXN Denver

Scene Focus

Friday 12th August sees the mighty ASC touching down in Denver for the 4th installment of REDUXN, one of the city's premier electronic music events. We get the inside info from Denver resident and REDUXN DJ, Mike Flynn AKA Sideffect. Denver make some noise!

Drum & bass has had a long and turbulent history within the states, in part due to the scale of the country. In recent years the deeper, more intelligent sound has had a renaissance world wide, can you tell us a bit about Reduxn and where it fits into the spectrum of the US scene?

The US Drum n Bass scene is alive and well, but tends to be isolated from the rest of the electronic music scene. In alot of ways, DnB is the pariah of electronic music, and alot of clubs want nothing to do with it. In the larger US cities, the different camps of electronic music can afford to stay within their own groups. Denver is unique because it is so isolated from the rest of the country, so that we can grow and develop artistically without alot of influence from larger trends.

We feel that we've had just about as much luck promoting outside of the drum and bass scene as we have promoting within it. A lot of genre lines are blurred right now, and we've met a lot of people that are just interested in deep, quality music regardless of the category that it falls into. This seems especially true in Denver, which has a thriving and knowledgeable electronic music scene. A lot of people here aren't afraid to give something new a chance.

REDUXN is here to represent what no one else is doing locally and in the U.S. in general. It's hard to say.. but we're guessing there aren't many nights like this going on. To us, this music, in general represents thought out structure and phrasing. The deep and minimal style of music really speaks volumes to the advantages of keeping things simple and deliberate during the creative process.

Living outside of the UK, there has to be a certain amount of dis-attachment to the main hub of the scene, how has the relative isolation allowed for Reduxn to grow and develop independently?

The isolation forces us to try new genres and promotion angles rather than trying to follow whatever happens to be popular at the moment. We're currently the only night in the city that showcases minimally styled bass driven music. While being outside of the UK certainly makes it more difficult to keep our finger as tightly on the pulse as we might like, the lack of saturation has allowed to us to bring something new and different to our city.

When we looked at how oversaturated the big-bass / crunked-out / glitch and dubstep has become, along with how under-promoted the deeper intelligient sound is, it makes sense to develop the minimal scene. We're bringing together the younger crowd tired of hearing the same bass wobbles, thet of older crowd that remembers the older and simpler days of drum & bass, along with the techno and house scenes that already love minimal.

But, we are just starting out. The fact that there is a dis-attachment from the main hub of the scene is the reason it exists in the first place.

When promoting the night, what are your goals as a promoter? be it development of the scene regionally, exploration musically or exposing the genre to new ears?

All of the above. We've committed to doing something different so we'd like to explore it as much as possible, and provide a new and enjoyable experience for anybody who's interested in what we're doing. Ideally we want to create a foothold in Denver for quality, intelligent drum & bass.

Furthermore, we want to establish a respected, solid reputation as the night to play in Denver for all of the artists out there involved in that style. We feel there are alot of artists that are producing alot of deep, minimal, and slower music, but they never get a chance to play it out live because either the crowd expects a loud aggressive show or because the dj's think that's what the crowd wants to hear. With REDUXN, we are giving DJ's an opportunity to play the music they've felt restrained to play, and we give the crowd an opportunity to hear music that isn't typically played on club sized sound systems.

What can people expect from REDUXN on 12th August?

If attending big-room dubstep shows is like driving a monster truck, then attending a REDUXN show is like driving an restored Cadillac, (smooth, familiar, and graceful).

They can expect to see the culmination of a year's worth of dedicated, hard work. It's been our goal to bring all that's fresh and new in drum and bass to Denver for a while now, and we feel that we're finally bringing the single artist who best personifies that in ASC. Furthermore, it'll be going down in a great venue in an amazing city, so we expect it to be a pretty special night.

Contact: Michael Flynn, 720-333-1777,

International Electronic music artist ASC (UK) along with local Denver talent will be the featured at REDUXN on Friday August 12th at Club 2200 at 821 22nd Street, Denver, CO between 9:00pm and 2:00am. Admission is $7 and open to 21+ patrons with ID.