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Thoughts: Living In The Future


In a recent Organic video interview, dBridge made some interesting points about the nature of digital media, it's disposable nature and maybe it's potentially unsubstantial characteristics. With this in mind we had a look around at the way we live our lives and posed the question; "Are we living in the future?"

Just by emptying your own pockets you are instantly aware of the role modern technology plays in our ever more device led lives. Mobile phones connected to the internet, iPods and mp3 players, hand held games devices like the PSP or Nintendo DS. With all of which it is hard to imagine day to day life without.

dBridge's point extends beyond music. Recently I listened to a discussion on talk radio regarding the demise of the Borders book store group in the UK, part citing the role of E-books as a contributing factor. The consumption of film has changed also, it seems anything can be found for free online within a few clicks. It's not hard to imagine a world where we live out our lives entirely through a single multimedia device, with our entire social lives lived out through social networking site and our entertainment streamed in.

So what does this mean for drum & bass music and it's associated culture? The way we consume music has definitely changed in the last 10 years, this is certain. Even the club experience is now available remotely via live video feeds, most notably through Drum&BassArena's D&BTV club broadcasts. I have found myself opting to stay at home and watch the djs i wanted to see rather than actually going to the event itself, so there is potential to undermine the incentive to pay to go out. If this devalues the djs or the live experience i'm unsure. Being that it removes the limitations of location for the wider usership, It's probably a good thing.

Are we living in the future? Probably.

Is it always entirely positive? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. What I can be sure of is that my media consumption is significantly cheaper than it was just a few years ago, and in what politicians call "an age of austerity" it's probably the deciding factor for many people...