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Beastie Respond Guest Mix & Interview

The Guest Mix
Beastie Respond
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Beastie Respond is a name you are going to be hearing alot more of... Hailing from Denmark and getting alot of support from the likes of dBridge and Loxy, Beastie Respond is turning all the right heads. First breaking his silence with the anthemic "Syncopy" featured on Autonomic Podcast layer 12 we meet the great dane and check out a thoroughly well executed guest mix...

  1. Beastie Respond - No More (Teal Dub)
  2. Flatliners & Sublime Porte - Grizzly Hills (Consequence Remix) (Dub)
  3. Bulb - The Core (Origami Dub)
  4. Flatliners - Kangaroo Dub (Morphy Remix) (Dub)
  5. Thing - My Dub (Dub)
  6. Data - Phalanx (Forthcoming Blackout)
  7. Loxy & Resound - Renaissance (Dub)
  8. Beastie Respond - Be Quiet (Teal Dub)
  9. Data - Fidelity (Blackout Dub)
  10. Fracture & Neptune - Ups & Downs VIP (OSRORG001 Available 20/2/12)
  11. Beastie Respond - Syncopy (Teal)

Beastie Respond is name that is fairly new within the public consciousness of 170 bpm music. You've had alot of support for your music from the likes of dBridge and Autonomic with a sound that is hard to restrict to main stream perceptions of drum & bass. Can you tell us a little bit about your musical history and influences within your tracks?

My musical background is quite diverse. I have always been listening to other stuff than most kids, when I first started listening to music. I had a VHS tape with music videos from the 80's and early 90's which helped form my musical horizon at first. At first I was attracted to the 80's heavy metal like Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne. So I was listening to a lot of hard rock and metal when I was quite young.

At a certain point I changed school and made new friends, and here I was introduced to ska and reggae, which came to have a major influence on my musical perspective. At this time I had been playing drums for 4 or 5 years. We formed a ska band (in which I'm still playing) and played intensively inside and outside of Denmark.

It was through the ska/reggae scene in Denmark I first encountered the DJ culture, which attracted me in a strange way. I wasn't really interested in being a ska or reggae selector, but more the culture as a whole. Then suddenly I discovered drum & bass through the D&BA podcasts. I stumbled upon it randomly really. So no romantic story about going to rave parties as a kid for me. But drum & bass really caught my attention musically because of the power and energy in the music. Renegade Hardware was the first label I started following and still do.

What equipment are you using in the studio? How do you approach a new production? Do you have any production heroes who inspire your techniques or approach to music?

I have my Mac and a pair of cheap Yamaha monitors. I try not to have a specific approach. I don't because I really don't want to fall into a routine when I'm producing music. It needs to be something new every time! I don't want to make the same tune twice, not even something similar. Besides the stuff I mentioned above I also have a pair of synths; Juno 106 and JX-8P from Roland. There is also an old tape deck, I use that for strange noises. It doesn't really work, but the sounds coming out of it is pretty useful anyway.

Another thing that I try to, is not to listen to much music, besides what I do in the studio, to avoid being biased from whats going on in music. If I find inspiration in other music its usually from 80's rock or movie sound tracks. Most of my inspiration comes from transportation. Especially bike rides. The idea for Syncopy came about during a bike ride. I also like riding trains and subways.

You've put together an excellent mix for Organic, can you talk us through the highlights of the mix for us and you're attitude towards live/DJ performance?

Erm, I don't know what the highlights would be. I think all the tunes are really good in their own way. I wanted the tunes to breathe, so I didn't want to cram to many tunes in the mix, but I also wanted to play as much as possible. I have two different approaches to live and DJ gigs. My live-gigs are only focused on the music, and not so much about the audience. When I'm booked to do a live-gig I prefer playing earlier, so theres not many people to disappoint. Haha. When playing DJ-gigs I have more focus on the audience. I tried to grasp both perspectives in this little mix. The deep and musical stuff as well as the more dance floor orientated stuff.

What can we look out for in future from Beastie Respond?

Its always hard to tell isn't it? Look out for more releases on Teal. There is a single coming and later on some interesting remixes and other projects as well. Also I have a tune coming out on Loxy's CX label sometime in the future. I'm quite excited about that. I'll stay focused on making new and diverse tunes both for the dance floor as well as for the listener, but I always keep in mind to make something new. I will keep trying to be original.