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Gary R

Ahead of One.Seventy's launch party we catch up with co-promoter and connoisseur of all things deep Rob Vanden to fill us in on what to expect...

On 23rd October One.Seventy takes over Peckham's Rye Wax for an exploration into the deepest caverns of experimental 170 BPM music. Promising an uncompromising music policy, One.Seventy is hosting Ruffhouse, DAAT, Dominic Ridgway and Books.

What's the event all about? Why 'One.Seventy' and who is going to be performing?

The event is about bringing together a community of like-minded fans of deep, experimental electronic music; providing a platform for artists and bedroom DJs to really dig as deep as they want to. One.Seventy is simply the tempo that has brought us all together; the night will mostly run at this speed, but is by no means stuck in that gear. In fact, we can expect Ruffhouse to venture off into some Techno during their 90 minutes.

Alongside Ruffhouse we have (both!) the DAAT guys showcasing their new live set, so who knows what that holds? You'll have to come down to find out - it's bound to be special! Dominic Ridgway has released on a whole host of labels that we love so really looking forward to his set and Books has just had an EP out on Metro's label Ortem, he's one to watch for sure, as will be his set.

The event is on and Sunday starting late afternoon, are you going for a differnet vibe to the usual Friday or Saturday night party?

The majority of events in Drum & Bass are focused on the dance floor meaning there is pressure to keep the dance moving, not being too risky. We want to create a forum of essentially playing whatever the fuck you want - in this way we believe the music can inspire and push boundaries. Thats the plan at least!

What act are you most looking forward to yourself?

I've not actually had the pleasure of seeing a lot of the guys on the lineup play before.... Can I say everyone? DAAT's live set certainly intrigues me the most right now. They have kept the details quite close to their chest as to what it entails. It's really exciting to be able to debut it at One.Seventy.

We know you are spinning some tunes, what's in the bag?

Currently, there's a lot of IDM-type stuff, from the likes of Hidden Hawaii, Alphacutauri etc. There's also a few 90s Jungle b-sides that fit really well with this style. Mostly it consists of Autonomic! Thats my vibe.

You've used a really cool image for the posters we've seen about, where did that come from?

We've tried to find creative processes within every stage of One.Seventy. On the night documentary photographer Paige Ofosu will be capturing everything that happens. In fact the image of Books that appears on the posters and web art was taken by her at Hogsozzle Festival earlier this year. The idea is that an image from the first event will make up the second poster, an image for the second event for the third and so on... it will hopefully reinforce the emphasis on development and natural progression.

For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE