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New Blood: Projekt 22


Projekt 22 is part of a new breed of young producers re-imagining and defining 170 BPM music. Ahead of his debut London performance at One.Seventy, we find out more...

Projekt 22 is the creative alias of music producer and artist Adam O'Hara. Having announced his arrival in the deeper end of Drum & Bass in 2016 with releases on Onset Audio and Din Is Noise, O'Hara has launched himself into 2017 with the debut 12" on his own Groundwork imprint. The release comes in the form of 'Haruspex' and 'Void'.

'Haruspex' is as ritualistic and profane as it's namesake. The visceral tones and open reverberating spaces are expansive. Projekt 22's found sounds create a comprehensive layering of mood and monotonality that through cyclic repetition build a foreboding hypnotic rhythm. 'Void' is equally ample in its spacial scale, mustering imagery of enormous celestial structures. Huge atmosphere supporting cylindrical objects. Jugernauts in cold, deep space.

"After I had the idea for the label I knew I had to make a strong first release that would shape the sound of Groundwork, the main idea behind Groundwork was always cinematic music, something that would fit to some kind of visual but still have the 170 influence behind it." - Projekt 22

Beyond the the first 12", Groundwork have a busy schedule planned for 2017 with releases from Paragon, Kogan Ryuu and NoiD across a range of formats. Groundwork looks to emerge as an imprint worth watching over the next year.

Projekt 22 will be appearing at One.Seventy on 29th January alongside Paragon. Expect to hear an absolute arsenal of unheard cinematic cuts being blooded on the Rye Wax sound system. They will be joined by Vromm, Dexta, DB1 and Rob Vanden. For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE.