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To Shape The Future #9 Overlook

Alexander / Photography by Dranau Gabriel

Ahead of One.Seventy, Overlook delves into his influences. 5 tracks that have inspired his music and surely played into his own 'Smoke Signals' LP earlier this year.

'To Shape The Future' has always been about discovering what music makes artists tick. Which music ignites the flame that starts the fire? Without fail we have been introduced to truly amazing music that we may not have heard otherwise. To this end Overlook does not disappoint. Overlook's 'Smoke Signals' album is a modern rarity which displays a depth a prowess that is tribute to the long player form, it only makes sense that Overlook's influences should be as rich, developed and as poised.

23 Skidoo - The Gospel Comes To New Guinea (Fetish Records) 1982

I remember hearing this for the first time a few years ago and after one listen it instantly became one of my all time favourites. Powerful, moody, intricate and about as timeless as it gets for me. An atmospheric masterpiece that was well ahead of its time.

Delia Derbyshire - The Delian Mode (Silva Screen) 2004

There is alot I could say about this woman but instead I urge people to go and look her up. Both her and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop are some of the forerunners of electronic music. One of my all time heroes and biggest influences.

John Carpenter - Chariots Of Pumpkins (MCA Records) 1982

Another highly influential figure, both for making some of the best horror films but also some of the best soundtracks too. I have been a fan since I first saw 'Halloween' as a kid, and his music has struck a chord with me ever since.

Angelo Badalamenti - Laura Palmer's Theme (Warner Bros Records) 1982

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of David Lynch and Twin Peaks. No television show before or after has ever stuck with me the way that one has and a big part of that is the amazing soundtrack from Angelo Badalamenti.

Joy Division - Dead Souls (Soundsville International) 1988

If I had to say one band that has made the biggest impression on me then it would have to be Joy Division. Responsible for two of my all time favourite albums 'Closer' and 'Unknown Pleasures', I personally think Ian Curtis was a genius.

You can catch Overlook at One.Seventy on the 30th July. For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE