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Ghost Warrior


With his outstanding 'Outland EP' dropping imminently on re:st, we thought it pertinent to reach out to Hungary's Ghost Warrior.

Ghost Warrior's new 6 track EP is a masterful collage of click and bass, drowned in waves of generous reverb, rhythmic delay and serene pad work. Both tranquil and unnerving in the same breath, the 'Outland EP' finds itself at home on Lcp's re:st imprint. Here at Organic we had to find out more.

The whole EP has a togetherness about it, there is a consistent tone throughout the tracks. Was the EP written as an EP or did it all come together later?

I originally sent Lcp a handful of tracks, soon after he asked me if I was interested in an EP. I didn’t start out with the intention of making an EP; I tried to explore the possibilities of 170 BPM from different perspectives, which I more or less succeeded in doing. I think in hindsight, I could have made small changes or adjustments here and there, but you come to a point where you have to just let it go. That's part of the journey.

It's been 2 years since your last vinyl release, how has your production and methodology developed since then? Where do you find your influences?

Not many people know that my first 12" single was released in 2000 by Subscope, a Hungarian Drum & Bass label. I continued making music up until 2005. By that time, I had become so disillusioned with the Drum & Bass scene, that for a few years I basically stopped making music altogether. I became active again around 2010, with the emergence of the Autonomic sound. I have always used a tracker, which requires a completely different way of thinking than a DAW like Ableton. I think Renoise has also assisted in altering the sound and structure of my music.

I believe that my style developed a long time ago, yet I am constantly fine tuning my sound. I can easily get lost in a delay, reverb and EQ combination. I am a huge fan of mystical and horror movies, and these are what inspire me the most.

What are you saying with your music? What are the ideas you are exploring and what do you hope the listener takes away?

I like it when music has an arc and a history. I strive to continuously build and explore this fundamentally minimalist structure. Some changes are so subtle that you only recognize them the third or fourth time you listen to my music. This is the part of composing I enjoy the most, elaborating micro details. I never actually intend on taking the listener to a dark place, but that’s where I always end up.

"Usually I'd rather not put more than 4 tracks on a 12" but sometimes I can't say no. I like to chase a certain aesthetic that stands for the labels vision, and have a certain sound to be associated with re:st." - Lcp

Ghost Warrior – Outland EP

A1 Hollow
A2 Channel Zero
A3 Frost
B1 Never Arriving
B2 Split
B3 Into The Void

Ghost Warrior – Outland EP is available to pre-order on strictly limited 12” vinyl now: