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By definition Ethos are the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations. How do the production duo of the same name measure up?

Ethos is the collaborative meeting of Mike Holliday and Jevon Ives. Writing music out of Bristol, the duo reflect the city’s vibrancy and musical life blood. For their none60 debut Ethos deliver two stunning slices of retro-referencing futurism. The best bits of ‘90s Drum & Bass rethought, reimagined and repurposed.

‘Reality’ is modern inner city blues executed at 170 BPM. A bitter sweet melancholia melody that engages the soul. ‘Injustice’ follows suit offering another thread to Ethos’ yarn of emotions with sublime pads and some rapid breaks. The release oozes with Bristol’s musical diversity.

“Our collective influences are everything. We write music with a loving intention to the city we live in, Bristol.” – Ethos

Across both tracks there is a reference and reverence to the Drum & Bass of yesteryear. Inner City Life, The Western, Music... All in there, gentle hints, brief scents of nostalgia. But revivalism this isn't, this is a step forward not back. Ethos have managed to breath new life into an old art, there is life in the weathered dog yet.

The release sits perfectly at home on the none60 imprint, a label synonymous with taking risk and lunging into the unknown. Ethos' output sits nicely between releases like Dexta's rave reunion anthem 'Minirave' and the constant edging ever closer to the edge of definable Drum & Bass of Silent Dust.

Ethos 'Reality' / 'Injustice' is out 27th October on none60 Records.
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