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The Fugitive Drummer


There are few labels that know how to give the drummer some like Inperspective Records. At the helm for the latest voyage is drum wizard and break fiend Phuture-T.

Very likely Inperspective Records’ most psychedelic release to date, the latest outing is an audio trip. Amsterdam’s premier break manipulator Phuture-T delivers a funk fused wig out in the form of ‘The Fugitive Drummer’. Chopped breaks, bass, organs and the guiding voice.

‘Cold Sweat’ is true to its namesake. A more eerie affair employing an encroaching pad that leads into full bodied bass and that infamous ‘We Know’ break. Another exceptional release from the Inperspective camp, delivered in a beautiful 12” gatefold sleeve designed by Angus Day.

“The Fugitive Drummer is inspired by the vibes and energy of a live funk band, the playfulness and diversification of the funk era.” – Phuture-T

Both tracks are sweat drenched, intimate affairs. Up close tussles with the drummer at the fore, 3am business. Phuture-T has managed to rekindle a playfulness rarely captured these days, a liveliness and spontaneity that emereges directly from the sample source.

Phuture-T 'The Fugitive Drummer' / 'Cold Sweat' is out 28th October on Inperspective Records.
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