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Access, Change


Following a series of absolutely blistering 12"s, re:st label boss Lcp steps into the light with his incredible 'Access, Change EP'.

re:st label boss and visionary Lcp takes front stage for the latest excursion into deep experimental territory at 170 beats per minute. 4 tracks written and crafted in series, the ‘Access, Change EP’ is a snapshot of the labels present at the forefront of cutting edge electronica.

re:st has cemented itself as a key tastemaker in the field of ambient electronics at 170 beats per minute, the ‘Access, Change EP’ further solidifies that position. From the affirming chords of ‘Arrival’ through to the stark tones of ‘Aftermath’, the Access, Change EP is formidable in both quality and quantity. A release with intent.

Following on from Ghost Warrior's 'Outland EP' and Ill_K & Dyl's 'Ratio EP', Lcp, on the face of it has a tall order at task, but confidently delivers another solid 12" that affirms the high level of quality control that re:st strives for and is known.


B1 ABSORPTION ft. Cutkachi

Lcp 'Access, Change' EP is out on re:st on 20th November on limited 12" vinyl.