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Ups & Downs VIP / I Am Metal (Compound One Remix)

Fracture & Neptune / Graphic ft. Beans

Organic Offshore
Ups & Downs VIP

I Am Metal (Compound One Remix)

New York’s premier experimental Drum & Bass imprint, Offshore Recordings, teams with London’s left of centre 170 bpm music tastemaker, Organic, to present the OSRORG series. The two combine mutual musical vision with a joint exploration of the subversive sounds. The creative essence of both New York and London are captured in this transatlantic collaboration- showcasing true urban breakbeat culture.

Fracture & Neptune - "Ups & Downs VIP" - Fracture & Neptune outdo themselves transforming “Ups & Downs VIP” into a straight-up dance floor pleaser. The duo calls on their favorite ingredients; a tough 2 step beat, wall shaking sub-bass and a funked-out Emu bass line. Fracture & Neptune create what is arguably their most dance floor track to date. Proceed with caution when this beast gets dropped.

Graphic feat. Beans - "I Am Metal" Compound One Remix - Compound One blur the lines between Hip Hop and Drum & Bass while reinterpreting another gem from the Offshore vaults. Half-time, bionic drum-beats lacerate through full fat analogue bass tones. On this rare occasion Compound One move away from their usual 140 bpm template and embrace a more dynamic Drum & Bass tempo.

To complete the package, artwork has been specially commissioned from Offshore Recordings mainstay and graphic art guru Cede. Articulating the transatlantic nature of the series perfectly while capturing the essence of musical exploration…